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Return payday loans online in advance, the key to paying less

The month of November is about to end and many people will need to receive a small economic boost to make ends meet without problems. Some of them will choose to contract some of the mini online loans that are commercialized within the financial market, a more expensive alternative to requesting financing from the bank, but which is also faster. In addition, these products have an added advantage: in many cases, the capital can be reimbursed in advance to pay less interest.

5 mini online credits that can be reimbursed ahead of time

In general, online mini loans have a maximum repayment term of 30 days and must be amortized through a single payment in which all the loaned capital is returned and accrued interest is paid daily. However, if we have liquidity ahead of schedule and we want to return the credit before the due date to save money on interest, some companies allow us to do so without charging us any additional commission; It is what is known as free advance amortization.

Therefore, if we foresee that we will be able to return the money before the expiration of the term, it is advisable that we request a payday loan through the Internet to a Green Touch company that does not charge commissions for early repayment.

How are the mini loans online amortized in advance?

If we have contracted a mini credit by the Internet and we wish to amortize it in advance to save us a money in interests, we will have to use the methods of payment established by the own company. In some cases, we can return the money from the company’s own Customer Area, while in others we will have to make a bank transfer or we must make the deposit at the bank window with which our lender works.

In the event that we decide by bank transfer, we must bear in mind that transfers between accounts of different banks can take up to two business days to be made. Therefore, we must make sure that our bank is the same one that the lender works with because otherwise, it will not receive the payment on the same day we make the transfer.

Whatever the chosen method of payment, when reimbursing mini online credits in advance, it is essential to identify the payment with the data indicated by the company. If we do not follow the steps correctly, the company will not know that we have made the refund, so the loan will continue to be current and accruing interest for each day that elapses.

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