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Return payday loans online in advance, the key to paying less

The month of November is about to end and many people will need to receive a small economic boost to make ends meet without problems. Some of them will choose to contract some of the mini online loans that are commercialized within the financial market, a more expensive alternative to requesting financing from the bank, but which is also faster. In addition, these products have an added advantage: in many cases, the capital can be reimbursed in advance to pay less interest.

5 mini online credits that can be reimbursed ahead of time

In general, online mini loans have a maximum repayment term of 30 days and must be amortized through a single payment in which all the loaned capital is returned and accrued interest is paid daily. However, if we have liquidity ahead of schedule and we want to return the credit before the due date to save money on interest, some companies allow us to do so without charging us any additional commission; It is what is known as free advance amortization.

Therefore, if we foresee that we will be able to return the money before the expiration of the term, it is advisable that we request a payday loan through the Internet to a Green Touch company that does not charge commissions for early repayment.

How are the mini loans online amortized in advance?

If we have contracted a mini credit by the Internet and we wish to amortize it in advance to save us a money in interests, we will have to use the methods of payment established by the own company. In some cases, we can return the money from the company’s own Customer Area, while in others we will have to make a bank transfer or we must make the deposit at the bank window with which our lender works.

In the event that we decide by bank transfer, we must bear in mind that transfers between accounts of different banks can take up to two business days to be made. Therefore, we must make sure that our bank is the same one that the lender works with because otherwise, it will not receive the payment on the same day we make the transfer.

Whatever the chosen method of payment, when reimbursing mini online credits in advance, it is essential to identify the payment with the data indicated by the company. If we do not follow the steps correctly, the company will not know that we have made the refund, so the loan will continue to be current and accruing interest for each day that elapses.

Government informs the Board that there will be zero interest loans for any CCAA with a cost of 131 million in Andalusia

The Ministry of Finance and Public Administration received last Thursday “surprisingly” a communication from the Ministry of Finance and Public Service in which “the rules of the game of access to extraordinary liquidity mechanisms change,” such as the Fund of Autonomic Liquidity (FLA) or the Financial Facility Fund, so that, according to the executive of Mariano Rajoy, from now on “there will be no zero-rate loans for the autonomous communities that have met the deficit target”.

According to the Ministry in a note, this means that Andalusia, “despite having met in 2016 with the target set at 0.7 percent (closed the year with 0.65 percent), you can not benefit from the zero-rate financing to which up to now the compliant communities were welcomed “. This will mean an additional expense for Andalusia over the next three years of 131 million euros, motivated by “this discretionary and surprising change of the Government of Spain.”

Thus, he regrets that the central government “now penalizes the autonomous communities complying with the deficit,” noting that Andalusia “will stop receiving 131 million euros that would have corresponded to meet the target marked now penalties to the autonomous communities compliant with the deficit. “

The Board recalled that, with the economic crisis and the difficulty of access to markets,

The Board recalled that, with the economic crisis and the difficulty of access to markets,

the Ministry of Finance launched the Autonomous Liquidity Fund (FLA) in which the State became the provider of loans to communities autonomous at interest rates that varied according to the market. Since 2012, these rates have ranged from five to 0.8 percent more recent.

In 2015, to encourage the autonomous communities to meet the deficit target, a new compartment was opened in the FLA, the so-called Financial Facility Fund, “which was nothing more than a zero-rate FLA, and of which some communities, among them Andalusia, they benefited “.

The Andalusian Government regrets that, nevertheless, the new announcement of the Ministry of Finance “eliminates the differences between communities that comply with and do not comply with the deficit and, from now on, the Government will charge the loans to the communities at an interest rate that It’s about one percent”- Okokrolex.


The Ministry headed by María Jesús Montero has expressed its displeasure to the Executive, since Andalusia, as a community with the objective of the deficit, “expected to be able to benefit from the Financial Facility at zero rates”.

In his opinion, “this supposes an additional tension to the autonomic accounts of the next exercises and eliminates one of the few incentives that existed to fulfill the objective of the deficit”.

For the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration “this new change has not been explained or argued”, so, in his opinion, can only be due to two reasons. The first, “that the central government wants to save the money to finance at zero rates, because in 2016 many communities had met the deficit target”.

Secondly, he believes that it can be due to “the new political landscape, where many autonomous communities have changed the political color, which makes the Popular Party Government not have priority in them, beyond the specific support to ensure their stability in the Congress of Deputies “.

This last change of the rules of the game in such a transcendent subject for the fundamental public services as the financing of the autonomous communities, “seems to advance the insensitive attitude of the central Government before a matter of so much draft and urgency, as the reform of the system of regional financing for which Andalusia has stopped receiving 4,672 million euros “.

The decision to cancel zero-rate financing for communities that met the deficit target continues on the path of “suffocating communities and municipalities, to which the Government is insensitive despite the sacrifices made.” The Board points out that “all this, despite the fact that the central government failed to meet its deficit target in 2016, and that the overall deficit target of the Kingdom of Spain vis-à-vis Brussels was met by the surplus of municipalities and the fiscal discipline of the autonomous communities “

A cooperative of the PSOE leaves without savings to 50 families of militants and supporters

Some of the cooperatives affected by Madrid Arganda, in front of the floors, mostly empty and unoccupied. ELENA BUENAVISTA

“Scammed, manipulated and abandoned.” This is how 50 families in Arganda del Rey (Madrid) feel that they have lost much of their savings after signing up for the Progreso Arganda cooperative, promoted by the PSOE . Founded in 2006 to build protected flats, the cooperative went into bankruptcy in February 2014. During this period, those affected were discharged because their personal economic situation worsened, or the bank did not grant them the loan of some flats that went up in price while they were being built. The cooperative did not return the money, claiming lack of liquidity. In total, they owe 1.58 million euros . Now, they are organizing to take their case to court, feeling “cheated” by the PSOE and the manager of the cooperative, and discover that the homes have been built on the famous plot UE124 of Arganda, an urban operation that investigates the judge plot ‘Gürtel’ , and in which Francisco Correa took a commission of 12 million euros .

“Dear fellow: At the proposal of a company, related to the party, which manages public housing, we found it interesting to promote a housing cooperative in Arganda .” With this heading, the local PSOE executive of Arganda del Rey wrote a letter on November 14, 2006 inviting militants and supporters to form this cooperative, but soon the list was opened to relatives and acquaintances. The letter was signed by Victoria Moreno, councilor in Arganda, current regional deputy of the Socialist Party of Madrid and a member of the management that runs the party after the departure of Tomás Gómez. Progreso Arganda cooperative was created on November 27, 2006. The partners who signed up, “and we signed at the local headquarters of the PSOE”, had to give an initial delivery of 14,124 euros and then monthly contributions .

The management of the cooperative was entrusted to Alcalá Consultores, “a company that deserves full confidence, as it is managed by people we know, with experience in the sector and who have managed cooperatives promoted by UGT”, read the letter from the local executive . The owner is Miguel Ángel Pascual Molinillo , former high-ranking socialist government with Joaquín Leguina and former manager of the Development Society of the City of Arganda. The manager commissioned the construction of the 125 floors planned for Imasatec , a company related to Pascual Molinillo. Imasatec is the owner of Imasqu Promotora, whose directors include Pascual Molinillo.


The plot of the ‘Gürtel’

The floor chosen for the cooperative to build the floors was one of the 21 plots of the now famous Execution Unit 124, famous because this urban operation is one of the main pieces of the ‘Gürtel’ plot. Judge Ruz and the UDEF believe that Francisco Correa gave the big buzz of his life in this plot : 158,000 square meters where they thought to build 2,600 homes, that the City Council governed by the PP sold in November 2004 to the construction company Martinsa for 77 million of euros. The agreed conditions were so advantageous that, a couple of years later, Martinsa recovered 73 million selling only a third of the ground. The former mayor Ginés Lopez and the former regional deputy Benjamín Martín Vasco are charged in the case. Correa took a commission of twelve million to broker.

The cooperative paid
Martinsa 6.69 million euros
for 1,563 square meters
Progreso Arganda bought plot P20 (2,466 square meters) of the UE124 from Martinsa on June 27, 2007 in proindiviso with a company called CyC Desarrollo Inmobiliario. The cooperative bought 1,563 square meters for 6,699,000 euros (that is, the square meter came out to 4,285 euros), while for the remaining 903 meters CyC paid 1,481,000 euros (that is, 1,640 euros per meter). The cooperative members paid four times more for the same land as CyC . “We suspect that we financed the purchase of CyC,” explains Juan Martínez, one of the cooperative members. Cristina, another affected, explains that she came out a floor of 64 meters to 184,000 euros, “to be a cooperative and in Arganda, at the price of gold.” A representative of Alcalá Consultores assures that plot P20 had two soil classifications (VPPL and rent for purchase), and that what was set by law was paid.

In September 2009 the works begin, but Imasatec has financial problems and goes bankrupt and in bankruptcy a year later. The anticipated deadlines are delayed and the forecasts given to the cooperative members in the years 2006 and 2007 will not be fulfilled. Ferrovial takes over the works. The floors have already risen in price , as the Madrid Community increases the square meter module, and the cost skyrockets. On average, the cooperative members already know that the flats will cost around 70,000 euros more expensive . The crisis drowns. Many are unemployed or with precarious contracts, and banks and savings banks, which have turned off the credits, do not provide financing.

Pilar, cook, is now about to retire. Her husband, now deceased, was a socialist militant, and the couple decided in 2007 to invest practically all their savings in a three-bedroom apartment. He unfortunately died and Pilar decided to remain alone “with a lot of effort, and religiously paying the dues”. But the apartment that she and her husband wanted rose about 70,000 euros. Caja Madrid did not give her the loan and she had to inform the cooperative that she was withdrawing, she could not write . “Alcalá Consultores promised us many times that they gave us back the money and we have been waiting for years to recover the 43,000 euros that my mother put in,” says Norma, her daughter. “We are disappointed with the PSOE, everything has gone wrong and nobody helps us, my mother lives on rent and today she continues to pay the loan that the bank gave her to pay the 14,000 euros that they asked for as an initial contribution”.

The floors are finished, but half are empty

The floors were finished, 109 instead of the 125 originally planned. Half are empty. Many of the cooperative members were unemployed, in a precarious situation to be able to continue facing payments. And the vast majority, after the rise in the price of flats, did not obtain financing to be able to deed. This is the case of Juan, 48 years old, waiting for a medical court to grant him absolute disability due to a serious illness. “I came to the cooperative for the brother of a neighbor, who was affiliated with the PSOE, they owe me 37,500 euros, when I was to write, in 2012, I worked but did not have an indefinite contract, so Caja Madrid did not give me the loan. I tried to unsubscribe, but the cooperative argued that it was not a justified leave, they deceived us all . “

Many cooperative members tried to unsubscribe. Few got them. Those who claim that they did not succeed do not know in what legal situation they are, because they were told that they were unjustified casualties. What is clear is that these 50 families have not recovered their money . With this scenario the cooperative collapsed and entered into bankruptcy in 2014. In total, it owes 14,952,032 euros, of which 11,574,937 euros correspond to debts that the cooperative maintains with public administrations and banks. The 50 cooperative members who have not recovered their money are also creditors, but ordinary, for what they will charge after the creditors framed in the debt of 11.5 million. They claim 1.58 million euros, the money they advanced.

La Sareb (better known as the ‘bad bank’) has been left with the mortgages that financed the construction of its flats, more than 50 floors, about 70 parking spaces and six shops. All are on sale on the Internet. At best, Sareb expects to recover 8.69 million euros , “so we would be left without our money, since those 8.69 million would be to cover the debt of 11.5 million, not ours of 1.6 million” explain the cooperative members. Alcalá Consultores also claims 958,000 euros for its management, although the insolvency administrator has classified it as a subordinate creditor, that is, it would charge after the cooperative members.

Milagros entered the cooperative to try to have her daughter, who was then a university student, have a flat at an affordable price. ” But I was unemployed after my company went bankrupt, and we only had my husband’s salary, we preferred to pay for my two children’s studies than to stay in the cooperative, I got them to leave but they owed me 40,000 euros, Although the bankruptcy administrator has only recognized 38,000 euros, I discharged five years ago and I’m still waiting to get my money back, I do not have a permanent job, I only get some substitution, it’s our right, it’s our money. “

Individual complaints

Six cooperative members decided to denounce separately to claim the money they advanced, although the bankruptcy contest paralyzed these demands. The families feel cheated, manipulated and abandoned “due to the mismanagement carried out both by the socialist group of Arganda , which wants to get rid of the problem, as well as by the manager”. They assure that they have met with the team of Pedro Sánchez and that they spoke with Tomás Gómez, who recommended him to the legal counsel of the Wilfredo Jurado party, investigated by the UDEF in the case of the extra cost of the Parla tram. “He has not done anything” and the cooperative members, who are starting to group together, are looking for new lawyers who are not “contaminated by the party”.

The cooperative was promoted by the PSOE, which now says it will help in what it can but little can do to be something private Guillermo Hita, PSOE candidate for mayor of Arganda, says 20 minutes that has met with the cooperative to help them in what I can. “It transcends the scope of the party, the cooperative members are the owners of the cooperative.” Hita recognizes, however, that the cooperative “was encouraged by the party” , but assures “that it is a problem of subrogation of mortgages, that Caja Madrid did not grant loans to the majority of the cooperative members”. The candidate assures that he will meet if necessary with the commercial judge and Sareb to help solve the problem, and affirms that among those affected there are people who are in their own candidacy . Of the same opinion is the deputy Victoria Moreno: “I have friends among those affected, we will try to help them, but it was a problem of subrogation of mortgages, the fault is Caja Madrid”.

Esteban is owed 38,000 euros. “I was unemployed and I said I could not keep paying, they told me that I had to pay six more monthly payments, and I did, but they never paid me, on top of the floor I was going to occupy, but it was not They have given me back the money, I now live in a house of my parents with my wife and my newborn son, I need to get my money back. ” The representative of Alcalá Consultores assures that he understands the situation that these families are going through, but insists that the partners are the “self-promoters.” When a member is retired, there must be one to replace him . There were no funds, it is invested, that is why we are in competition, because we have to pay the loans, including our fees, which we have not charged ” .

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Stock Tips , Intraday Tips , Technical Analysis , Nse

Imagine! How can someone consider investing in stocks when he can’t even prioritize his expenses. You also must be invested in stocks without a proper financial plan will either end up more broke or in jail. The reason is being that they are the individual who gets emotional and panic during the bear market and loses money. Also, beware of turning stock market trading into the online casino as it can be an addicting physician any gambling will result in losses. For anybody who is in debt and you’re living hand to mouth, you should first create a budget plan and repayment schedule to reduce/eliminate your debt by prioritizing expenses and price cutting. Only once you are out of chaos you may proceed to another one step.

Payday loans no credit check is easy for availing loan without any hassle fulfill uncertain and unpredictable near future needs. Whilst the name suggests, these loans are offered without any credit recommendation. It means that any person from any financial background may make an application for these secured loans. Lenders like are least interested inside of the credit status the debtor. Similarly, it requires least forms. A borrower does not want to fax any document to the lender to get the loan approval.

You to be able to make sure you’re building your own financial identity, which tracks to your social security number, understanding that you always be the only relation to that site. In the case regarding a later divorce or loss in a partner, you have your own credit as well as FICO score established.

Now folks are instruction online full effect, I so want to introduce too many people remodeling and acquire for others the importance of managing consequences. This is a topic that cannot be described too much, neither if it is overlooked. I am aware that it is very common for any man to be skeptical because of being part of Forex Market because with the high risks that are inherent in this particular field. Although every type of the capital market around the world, involves specific quantities of risk, the potential risk of loss in foreign exchange trading market can be hugely extensive. My suggestion every and every new trader is which would be advisable to learn all over the potential perils associated with Forex and learning how to manage it if you prefer to trade and do quite.

Where a person keep a comfort-cash fill? Put it in a bank money market account or savings account, or perhaps in a capital market vs money market fund. Yes I know, these don’t pay much, nevertheless the key entirely free liquidity. You ought to be able to get to those funds quickly when you will need them, without suffering any loss of principal.

Beware of funds possess been yields which much higher than every day. Reaching for additional yield, might look smart in brief term, usually expose investors to the upper chances levels. Because of the purpose of investing in money markets is safeguard value brief periods of the (money experience earmarked for growth belongs in stocks or long haul bonds) the reward just does not warrant the extra risk.

In order not get years in research and dilly-dallying, that’s what is actually working hard; why not do it the other way, by copying what others have formerly researched which and is result-proven. The most recent smart associated with doing things, instead of attempting to reinvent the bring. Join up with millionaires.

Avoid Associated With Credit Card Debt

Auto title loans financial loans are a great way to get out of economic emergency. The sticky component large loans for debt consolidation to these loans is that the mortgage plus fees will be because of in 30 days. If not paid ultimately, the balance will turn over another 30 days which will bring one more interest payment. This can obtain pretty pricey since these types of loans carry high prices and also keep your vehicle’s name as collateral if the mortgage goes bad.

The last low point for Best CD Rates was in 2003 when the average 180 days CD was earning an APY of 1.683, the 1 year was earning an APY of regarding.054% and the 2 year CD was at an APY of two.507%.

What is actually your debt basket? All debt isn’t created equal and 10% of your score is in your credit mix. What is the role of financial institutions will take a how much of your debt has revolving debt (credit cards) and the amount is in installment debt (car loans etc) A revolving debt (credit card debt) never goes away hence the name revolving but installment debt e.g. debts of every have a conclusion in vision. So in order to improve your FICO score you for you to pay credit score card debt first.

When you are trading currencies you to be able to look at the last around the clock session, prior to when the one you are trading. Since you want to get the open high low close to feeding those parameters into the system. To calculate the pivot points for the brand new session. I respectfully point out that you get those numbers from midnight to midnight of the last session. And do calculations for another session.

Markets responded bailout plan by taking Dow Jones down and very of the stocks are located in their 52-week levels. The plan bad credit personal loan guaranteed approval key to strengthen financial market in the US and allows banks to ease credit so banks can loan money to individuals. However, until the cash is distributed all investors are waiting if this plan will indeed work. For now, a person can know if it helps for or heading to not achieve their purpose. Government regulators will work hard to obtain this money out as soon as possible and individuals are waiting.

Learn early to budget your period and money on things one does and buy, including, food, clothing, entertainment, cars, vacation, hobbies, savings, and buys.

Try to do research on the internet to search online for a list of financial institutions that provide mortgage lent money. Then, go to each financial institution or visit their websites seeking best rates insight. Bring home all the brochures. It may possibly be a tiring experience an individual need devote a regarding energy getting it done. However you worth it.

Other markets, such as those involving professional world, have barriers to keep amateurs or wannabes outside looking using. Recently, for example, there have been some few concessions, permit paralegals to work with some small matters. We know about the fights dealing with nurse practitioners and midwives. These paraprofessionals are finally making points.

Filing for bankruptcy is often a significant financial and personal decision, additionally will hear arguments both for and against it. Guarantee you speak with both sides to obtain the advantage for a clear picture, so in which you will better prepare yourself for what you will be facing. Whatever you decide, a credit repair professional specializing in credit repair will be most attractive assisting of which you raise credit rating score to the new elevation.

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